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Daniel Murphy Dietitian & Nutritionist doing a weight loss nutrition consultation with Apex Nutrition.

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Our mission is to help you reach your nutrition goals and maintain the nutritional success for the rest of your life. With over a decade of experience, Apex Nutrition has helped thousands of people achieve their ideal weight loss, improve their energy levels, and feel better overall. Talk to a Coru registered dietitian & nutritionist today.

Meet The Team

Introducing the dynamic team behind Apex Nutrition! Led by experienced dieticians and nutritionists. With expertise in a wide range of specialties, including weight loss, performance nutrition, gut health, and clinical nutrition, we’re here to guide you on your journey towards optimal wellness.
At Apex Nutrition, we believe in the power of personalised care, evidence-based strategies, and unwavering support.

Dietitian Daniel Murphy Apex Nutrition

Dan, MSc, PgD, BSc

Meet Dan, Dietitian and Owner of Apex Nutrition based in Cork. I’m here to provide the support and expertise you need to thrive. I work in areas of weight loss, performance, and clinical nutrition. My personal mission is to help view food differently, develop a positive relationship and maintain long-term success.

Nutritionist Kelsey Finglas Apex Nutrition

Kelsey, MSc, BSc

Meet Kelsey, your go-to Nutritionist for Weight Loss, Female Health, Gut Wellness, and many other areas. Kelsey is based in Louth. I love helping individuals form strong habits and limit confusion about what to eat. I look to provide straightforward, science-backed nutrition advice tailored specifically for you.

Sport Nutritionist Aine Breen Apex Nutrition

Aine, MSc, BSc

Meet Aine, who is a top class nutritionist from Louth that specialises in weight loss & performance nutrition. Through personalised consultations, I’ll provide you with the tools, knowledge, and motivation needed to make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.


What We Can Do for You

Our full coverage of services is designed to provide you with comprehensive nutritional advice, covering all aspects of your diet to help you achieve your health goals. Explore the wide range of options we offer below to find the perfect fit for you!

Weight Loss Plan offered by Apex Nutrition

Weight Loss

Join the best weight loss program in Ireland. Our 1:1 service offers customised weight loss plans, ongoing support, and long-term success.

Muscle Gain Plan Offered by Apex Nutrition

Muscle Building

Build muscle with our 1:1 service. We provides tailored plans, calories, macros, expert guidance, and a proven track record of success.

Sport Nutrition Plan offered by Apex Nutrition

Performance Nutrition

Our sport nutrition program offers 1:1 support to any athlete. Improve your sport with ongoing support, and measurable progress.

Dietitian Plan offered by Apex Nutrition

Dietitian Consultation

Have a medical condition? Talk to our registered dietitian. We provide and in depth dietetic consultation to help improve long term health.

Explore our range of corporate wellbeing services

We also offer a range of Corporate Wellbeing programs that can be integrated into any business or gym no matter the size. Check out our 6 Week Wellness program as well as our corporate nutrition workshops below. 

Dietitian & Nutritionist Daniel Murphy making adjustments to a meal plan at Apex Nutrition.
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Client Testimonials

John Burns from Cork client testimonial for Apex Nutrition
"Having good guidance, regular check ins and accountability has really improved my habits and I have nearly lost 10kg at this stage"
John burns
Elaine Buckley client testimonial for Apex Nutrition
"Daniel has be fantastic with his advice, structure and guidance in helping me develop a much more well rounded way of approaching nutrition and management of my IBS."
Michelle O’Donoghue from Cork client testimonial for Apex Nutrition
"Dan’s approach has been both sustainable and enjoyable. I still get to eat all the foods I love without feeling restricted. He’s the best nutritionist in Cork."
Michelle o'dONOGHUE
Tom O’Connell client testimonial for Apex Nutrition
"Dan has been a great guide and support to me for these last 3 months and I’ve been educated about nutrition, exercise and I have been able to swap out foods and drinks for more healthier options. Overall have lost 15kg"
Registered Dietitian Daniel Murphy tossing salad at Apex Nutrition.

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