Tuna, Sweetcorn Sandwich

Healthy Tuna Sweetcorn Sandwich

Make our healthy Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich, a perfect high protein option. Packed with lean tuna, nutritious sweetcorn, and served on whole wheat bread, this delightful sandwich offers a balance of protein and essential nutrients for your weight loss journey. With fresh greens, Greek yogurt dressing, and a zesty touch of lemon zest, it’s a […]



Looking for a light lunch, here’s the perfect solution. Bruschetta is indeed the perfect choice for a light and nutritious lunch on your weight loss journey. This classic Italian dish offers an abundance of nutrients in a balanced and satisfying manner, making it an ideal option to keep you full and energised throughout the day. […]

Vegetable Soup Easy Recipe

Bowl of Vegetable Soup Easy Recipe

When the it starts getting cold outside, it can be difficult to manage nutrition. A steaming bowl of vegetable soup can really help once it hits October on a nutrition programme. This simple yet satisfying soup is a champion for a weight loss journey, offering a delicious way to stay on track during the colder […]

High Protein Tofu Salad

High Protein Tofu Salad with lettuce leaves

A simple high protein tofu salad is a nutritious dish that caters to the tastes and dietary preferences of vegans and vegetarians while packing a high-protein punch. This salad combines the versatility of tofu with an array of fresh vegetables and flavours to create a satisfying meal that’s both healthy and delicious. To start, the […]

Vegan Falafel Wrap

Falafel Wraps

Vegan High Protein Recipe In search of a high-protein, vegan or vegetarian lunch or dinner option that’s bursting with flavour? Look no further than the delectable falafel wrap. This Middle Eastern-inspired delight combines crunchy falafel balls with an array of fresh veggies, creamy sauces, and warm pita bread, making it the perfect meal to keep […]

BLT Pasta

BLT Pasta Recipe Healthy Lunch Idea

Perfect Lunch For A Busy Lifestyle The BLT Pasta is a versatile dish that seamlessly fits into the Apex Weight Loss Plan. This tasty pasta creation offers a satisfying and flavourful option that’s ideal for those looking to tone up or maintain their weight while enjoying a meal. What makes the BLT Pasta so special […]

Blueberry Burst Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie

Pre & Post Workout Snack Idea The Blueberry Burst Smoothie is a powerhouse of flavour and nutrition, making it an ideal choice for both pre and post-workout fuel. Bursting with the refreshing and tangy essence of ripe blueberries, this smoothie is not only super healthy but also provides essential nutrients to support your exercise routine. […]

Green Strawberry Smoothie

Green Strawberry Smoothie

Introducing our Green Strawberry Smoothie, a vibrant and nutritious powerhouse that’s not only delicious but also perfect for individuals with a myriad of health and fitness goals. This delectable concoction blends the lusciousness of ripe strawberries with the vitality of green vegetables to create a dynamic beverage that caters to weight loss, performance enhancement, and […]

Egg Sandwich with Mayo

Egg sandwich with mayo

A Satisfying, Nutritious Delight The Egg Sandwich with Mayo is a delightful and convenient snack that serves as an ideal choice for those on a weight loss journey or in need of a replenishing post-workout treat. This wholesome creation combines the simple elegance of eggs and creamy mayonnaise nestled within a soft, fluffy bap, resulting […]

Watermelon Pizza

A round slice of watermelon is covered with Cream, Berries, mint and lime zest. It is cut like a pizza on an Island

This Watermelon pizza is one of my favourite summertime dessert for picnics and barbecues. It’s healthy, easy to make and customise and its so much