Corporate Wellness Programs for businesses of all sizes, our solutions are seamlessly integrated into any system.

Explore our dynamic range of corporate wellness services, including interactive workshops, workplace wellness
6-week nutrition programs, and personalised document creation. 

Corporate Wellness programs and GAA workshops being run by Apex Nutrition.

Why Choose Apex?

Nutrition Workshops

Providing workshops to sport teams, schools, youth groups, businesses and gyms. Join us now!

Document Creation

Simplify meal planning for PTs and gyms with our nutrition document service. Elevate your services now!

Corporate Program

Boost workplace well-being with our 6-week program. Join now for a happier, healthier workplace!

Our Partners

We work with Gyms, Clubs and Companies Nationwide to Offer Tailored Advice!

Nutrition Workshops

Check out our Corporate, GAA or Teen Nutrition Workshops. Our interactive sessions include cooking demos, smoothie making, fruit tasting, and more, hosted at your preferred location.

Improve performance, well-being, and overall quality of life with our engaging and practical workshops!

Corporate Wellness Cooking Demonstration by Dietitian Daniel Murphy

Corporate Wellness 6 Week Programme

Introducing our 6-Week Corporate Wellness Program! Elevate employee health or enhance your gym’s offerings with our comprehensive nutrition solution. Ideal for workplace wellness or boosting client results, this program includes:

1:1 consultations with employees/members

Apex Member Hub access to 1000’s of recipes.

Exciting Email series with videos and guides to enhance nutritional knowledge on common nutritional challenges.

Who We Work with?


Small to Medium Business

Multinational Business

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Companies

Financial Institutions


Dietetic Consultation with dietitian Daniel Murphy, prepping for consultation.

Document creation for fitness business

Elevate your gym or personal training business with our customised nutrition documents, designed to help your members achieve their fitness goals. Offer an additional service and boost your revenue by providing tailored nutritional guidance that sets you apart from the competition.

Upgrade your wellness experience with a professional touch:

Add your logo and branding for a polished look

Personalised content, add what you’d like to add, or select from existing content.

Add a cool new feature to your business.

Why choose our nutrition documents

Empower your members with personalised nutrition. Offer this valuable service today and witness the transformation in your clients’ results and watch your business grow in the following ways:

Enhance member success with bespoke nutrition information

Add a new revenue stream to your business

Charge what you’re worth for 1:1 nutrition guidance, while offering the document as an add on.


Registered Dietitian Daniel Murphy tossing salad at Apex Nutrition.

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