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Our services include sustainable results in Weight Loss, Sport Performance, Muscle Building & Dietetic programs. Helping you to look, and feel your best!

Kelsey Nutritionist at Apex Nutrition, best weight loss programme Ireland

Weight Loss Program

Looking for a sustainable way to lose weight and keep your results?

Our personalised weight loss 1:1 service offers customised plans, ongoing support, and long-term success. Say goodbye to crash diets and hello to a healthier, happier you!

Sport Nutrition

Ready to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential?

Our performance 1:1 service provides customised coaching, ongoing support, and measurable progress. Elevate your game and reach new heights today!

Daniel Murphy running, Apex Nutrition. Our services: Sport nutrition
Daniel Murphy running, Apex Nutrition. Our services: Muscle building

Muscle Building

Want to pack on lean muscle?

Our muscle building 1:1 service provides tailored plans, expert guidance, and a proven track record of success. Get ready to dominate the gym and transform your physique!

Dietetic Consultation

Have a medical issue? Talk to a dietician today!

Our Coru registered dieticians provide personalised plans and expert coaching for long-term success. Experience the benefits of clinical nutrition today. Did you know health insurance can cover some of the cost? Talk to the team to find out more.

Dietetic Consultation with Apex Nutrition. Our services: Dietetic Consultation
Registered Dietitian Daniel Murphy tossing salad at Apex Nutrition.

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