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Muscle Building

Are you ready to unlock your full athletic potential? Our 1:1 online sport performance program is designed to help you achieve and maintain your performance goals while still enjoying life.


Whether you’re a GAA athlete, sprinter, endurance runner, swimmer, or team athlete, our personalised plans and professional nutritionist guidance can help take your performance to the next level.

Why Choose Apex?

Improved Strength

Enhanced Performance & Fitness

Lasting Gains

Sustainable Muscle Growth

Boosted Confidence

Achieve a Powerful Physique

I’ve shred a significant amount of fat and built some lean muscle. I’m now in the process of building the best shape of my life. Dans even given me some of the tools to help me kickstart my own fitness career.

Muscle Building FAQ

Our Muscle Building services are tailored to your goals and body type. We provide personalised nutrition plans, workout recommendations, and guidance to help you achieve your desired muscle gains.

You can get started by scheduling a consultation with our Muscle Building experts. Contact us through our website, phone, or email. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

Yes, our Muscle Building experts can customise your plan to align with your goals, whether it’s gaining weight, losing fat, or both. They’ll focus on achieving a balanced and sustainable approach.

No, Muscle Building is for anyone interested in increasing muscle mass and strength, regardless of experience level. Our experts work with clients pursuing various fitness goals.

The Apex app allows you to track workouts and has gym workouts added to it. We always recommend speaking with a Personal Trainer or gym, but we will provide a plan if needed. 

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