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Check out our selection of fresh, healthy recipes to help you on your nutrition journey. We’ve comprised 100’s of our favourite recipes right here on the Apex Member Hub. Cook like a pro with a meals suitable for every occasion.


Cook Books

Check out our selection of healthy cookbooks. Each month has a different theme from Pre Workout Meals to Low Calorie Snacks. We also highlight seasonal produce to help you choose the freshest of ingredients. 
Get cooking today, click below. 


Apex Member Hub Cookbooks, dietitian cutting up vegetables.
Apex Member Hub Dietitian workout plans

Workout Plans

Not sure what workout you want to do today? We’ve sample workout plans created especially for you. It’s always important to have a plan when going to the gym so Apex has you covered. Get active with one of our plans right here! 


Exercise Form

Are you a first timer in the gym? Check out the exercise form video collection. These videos show you exactly how to perform each exercise with a step by step example. Fast track your gym results below. 


Apex Member Hub, Nutritionist running, workout form.
Apex Member Hub Nutritionist Running

Nutrition Videos

Get down to the nitty gritty of nutrition with a library of videos to get the basics right. We talk through Calories, Macronutrients, portion size and much more.


Handy Guides

At Apex, We’ve put together a number
of guide for lots of nutrition topics! Our personal favourite is the Low Calorie Snack Guide. A comprehensive guide of snacks to help on a weight loss program. 

Apex Member Hub Nutritionist Consultation
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