Dietetic Consultation

Our Coru Registered Dietitians specialise in tailoring evidence-based nutrition plans to your unique needs, and are suited for someone looking to manage a nutrition related medical condition.

By working with a dietitian, you’ll receive personalised guidance, support, and the tools you need to make sustainable changes.

Here are some conditions we cover as part of the dietetic consultation: 

Type 2 diabetes, High Cholesterol, High blood pressure,

PCOS, Irritable bowel syndrome, Reflux, Fatty liver disease

Inflammatory bowel disease, Iron deficiency, plus more.

In person Dietetic Consultation with Dietitian Daniel Murphy

Why Choose Apex?

Expert Support

Professional dietitian and nutritionist guidance. Contact a dietitian Mon-Friday through the Apex App.

Improved Health

Increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, and healthier eating habits.


Seamlessly integrated into daily life. Get a meal plan and nutrition program personalised to you.

I like to think of Dan as my little pocket nutrition app now. He's the best online nutritionist in Cork. I would be lost without him day or night. He is honestly just a great guy with so much knowledge and stuck with me for life. Dan, you are a legend

Dietetic Consultation with dietitian Daniel Murphy, prepping for consultation.

Dietetic Consultation FAQ

A nutritionist provide weight loss and sport performance programs, while a dietitian can do these but also provide advice on clinical nutrition eg Diabetes, Cholesterol, IBS and much more. Dietitian is also a title protected by law. You must be registered with CORU to use the title of dietitian in Ireland.

Yes, all recognised health insurance companies (Laya, VHI, Irish Life) will reimburse you when seeing a dietitian. The amount depends on your policy and health insurer.  Please bring this up on the discovery call so we can match you with our dietitian.

You can schedule a consultation by contacting us through our website. Visit our Contact Us page for details. We first will arrange a 15 Min Discovery Call to see if our nutrition program is the right fit and to discuss your goals.

During the consultation, you’ll discuss your health goals, medical history, dietary preferences, and lifestyle with a registered dietitian. They will provide expert advice, create a personalised nutrition plan, and offer ongoing support and guidance. At the end of the consultation we will discuss our different nutrition program options.

The duration of a consultation can vary but usually takes about 45 mins. Follow-up consultations may take less time, around 30 mins.

No, we offer virtual consultations through zoom only. We are based in Cork but work with people all over Ireland. You can receive expert guidance from the comfort of your home.

Dietetic Consultation with Dietitian Daniel Murphy

Dietetic Consultation- Claim back From Health Insurance.

Address your clinical nutrition challenges with our 1:1 online dietetic consultations. This includes a 1 hour session with a dietitian and discounted follow up sessions if needed.

Receive tailored plans and professional dietitian support designed around your lifestyle. Achieve your health goals and maintain long-term wellness.

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